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Author of the forthcoming book, "The Death of Childhood -- Reinventing the Joy of Growing Up."


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Board-certified in Pediatrics and in Adolescent Medicine


Dr. Strasburger has lectured all over the world (e.g., China, Japan, Australia, Europe).

He has authored 13 books and more than 200 journal articles and book chapters.

His textbook, CHILDREN, ADOLESCENT, AND THE MEDIA is used in Communications courses around the counry.


Dr. Strasburger founded the Division of Adolescent Medicine at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine and practiced general pediatrics and adolescent medicine there for 28 years. He is a Distinguished Professor of Pediatrics Emeritus. 

My Books



CURRENT BOOK:   The Death of Childhood: Reinventing the Joy of Growing Up.

Cambridge Scholars Press, 2019.

Available on AMAZON.

 For all publishing rights, please contact my agent, Jessica Alvarez at Bookends Literary Agency: 

See also an excerpt published in 2017 in Psychoanalytical Study of the Child: 70 (1): 91-100.  


Strasburger VC: Rounding Third and Heading Home - A Novel.  New York: St. Martin’s  Press, 1974.

Strasburger VC: Basic Adolescent Gynecology.  Baltimore: Urban & Schwarzenberg, 1990.

Strasburger VC (one of five authors): The American Academy of Pediatrics Adolescent  Health Care Book. New York: Bantam Press, 1991.  

Strasburger VC: Getting Your Kids to Say No in the ‘90s When You Said Yes in the ‘60s.  New York: Touchstone/Simon & Schuster, 1993.

Strasburger VC: Adolescents and the Media: Medical and Psychological Impact. Newbury Park, CA: Sage, 1995.  

Strasburger VC, Brown RT: Adolescent Medicine: A Practical Guide, 2nd edition.  Philadephia:  Lippincott-Raven Publishers, 1998.

Strasburger VC (one of five authors): The American Academy of Pediatrics’ Caring for Your Teenager Book, 2nd edition.  New York: Bantam Press, 1999.  

Strasburger VC, Wilson B: Children, Adolescents and the Media.  Thousand Oaks, SAGE,   2002.


Strasburger VC (one of five authors): The American Academy of Pediatrics’ Caring for Your Teenager Book, 3rd edition.  New York: Bantam Press, 2003.  

Strasburger VC, Brown RT, Braverman PK, Rogers P, Holland C, Coupey S:  Adolescent  Medicine: A Practical Manual.  Philadelphia: Lippincott-Williams & Wilkins, 2006. 

Strasburger VC, Wilson B, Jordan A:  Children, Adolescents and the Media, 2nd edition.  Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE, 2009.   

Strasburger VC, Wilson B, Jordan A:  Children, Adolescents and the Media, 3rd edition.  Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE, 2014.

Media Appearances

Dr. Strasburger has appeared multiple times on "The Today Show," "Oprah," and NPR.  

He has been featured frequently in articles in The New York Times, USA Today, Time, Newsweek, and the Associated Press.

“CBS This Morning,” “Oprah,” The Today Show”   

ABC’s “Nightline”   

NM Doctor Writes Children’s Media Guidelines   

Children, Adolescents, & Advertising   

Meet the Professors



From 40th Day of Pediatrics, Multicare Health System, Tacoma, WA:  “Dynamic speaker, excellent talk!”  “Great incorporation of multimedia that was relevant to the topic.  Generates energy/enthusiasm for child advocacy.  Best speaker of the morning.”  “Great talk with wonderful video clips to bring home the point.  He covered a lot of important topics in a short time.”  “Incredibly entertaining.”  

From all-day seminar at the annual American Psychological Association meeting, Washington, DC:  “Fantastic workshop!  The content was very interesting and kept my attention.  The use of visual stimuli (videos and pictures and cartoons) was great and powerful.  I really appreciate the amount of literature that has been mentioned and included in the presentation.”  “Best workshop I attended.”


From Children’s Hospital Oakland, annual CME course in Monterrey, CA:  “Great talk!” “Engaging, interesting & very pertinent today’s world & practice.  Made getting up for 8 am talk worth it.” “Very engaging, fun, entertaining and informative talk full of good ideas, good info, solutions and motivation.” “Useful for my behavioral problem patients.” “Fabulous.” “Awesome.” 


From talk to American Academy of Pediatrics’ district leadership:  “I want to tell you that your talk at the AAP meeting in Idaho last week was really spectacular.  Really a masterful presentation of a complex and very important topic.” 


From keynote address at East Carolina Medical School CME conference:  “There was an avalanche of positive feedback! Thanks for coming and sharing your expertise with us.”  “This presentation was probably the most significant and meaningful presentation that I have ever heard.  Every physician and every parent should see and hear this presentation.”  “Challenging and inspiring and cautionary.  Kudos to Dr. Strasburger for his insights and advocacy.”  “Great Speaker!”


From talk at national American Academy of Pediatrics meeting:  “Great audio visual.  Great speaker.” “Awesome.” 


From talk to students and faculty at Rhode Island Junior College, Warwick, RI:  Faculty:  “I could have listened to him for another few hours. Fascinating, and he covered so much in such a short time!”  Students:  "I was hooked from the beginning.”  "If I were giving a grade, it would be 100%."   

From talk to Dept. of Health medical providers, State of New Mexico:  “Dear Victor, thank you so much for your lecture at our DOH Clinicians Annual Meeting- it was terrific and a big hit with the participants.  (And thanks for being so gracious about the technical difficulties!) You really contributed to our program.” Elizabeth T. Matthews, MD Medical Director, Family Health Bureau New Mexico Department of Health.   

Comments from Southwest Regional College Health Association Meeting:  “Best talk of session….” “Great material….” “Very entertaining and thought provoking….”  


Comments from an evening presentation to the Northern Virginia Pediatric Society, Fairfax, VA:  “I wanted to send a note of thanks for last evening.  Everyone had great compliments for your talk and found it highly entertaining and informative.  It was such an honor to have you speak at our meeting.”  Dr. Shannon Price, President 


Comments from Texas Tech Univ. Health Sciences Center CME conference, Lubbock, TX: “Excellent.  Thank you as a provider and a parent.” “This was probably the most relevant!!  Please include something like this every year!!  For primary care, it is useful every day!!” “This was the best.  I don’t know why you saved the best one for last!  Great Great Presentation!  It is great, really good info this will really be helpful in our practice.  Thanks so much!” “Great lecture!  Best in conference.  Good examples with excellent recommendations for how to address this issue in the clinic with patients.” “EXTREMELY enlightening!  Tons of useful info that I know will make me more aware of distractions with my patients.” 

"Vic, Thank you so much for making your wonderful visit to NC.  Your grand rounds at UNC was just fabulous and highlighted so many important issues about media for us to advance in our curriculum and in our work.  We really appreciate your generosity with time and resources and the knowledge that you shared.  It was a truly outstanding presentation that will have a significant impact on our work. 

Sincerely, Julie   

Julie Story Byerley, MD, MPH  Associate Professor, General Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine  Assistant Chair for Education and Director of Medical Student Education in Pediatrics  University of North Carolina School of Medicine  

Selected Recent & Upcoming talks


Fulbright lecturer, Dunedin University School of Medicine, Dunedin, New Zealand.


Keynote speaker, Univ. of Wisconsin/Osh Kosh Symposium on Adolescent Medicine, Madison, WI.


Keynote speaker, Charlotte AHEC Conference on Media Violence, Charlotte, NC.

Invited speaker, Peds 21 International Section, San Francisco, CA.

Invited speaker, Child Psychiatry Grand Rounds, Univ. of VT.

Invited speaker, Society for Adolescent Health & Medicine (SAHM), New Orleans, LA.

Workshop leader, American Psychological Association annual meeting, Washington, DC.

Invited speaker, Hackensack Developmental/Behavioral Pediatrics CME conference, Hilton Head, SC.

Invited speaker, International Society for Research on Aggression annual meeting, Paris, France, July, 2018. 

Workshop leader, American Psychological Association annual meeting, San Francisco, CA, August, 2018; Chicago, IL, August, 2019.

Invited speaker, Society for Adolescent Health & Medicine, Washington, DC, March, 2019.

Keynote speaker, Oakland Children's Hospital/Monterrey, CA CME conference, November, 2019.

Pediatric Grand Rounds speaker, Univ. of Mississippi, April, 2019; Univ. of Utah, March, 2020.

PDFs of Journal articles

Dr. Strasburger has published 12 books and more than 200 peer-reviewed journal articles, book chapters, review articles, and commentaries.

Recent Publications (doc)


Women in Bond films (pdf)


Ybarra, Strasburger, and Mitchell 2014 CLIN PEDIATR (pdf)


Why Isn't There More Media Research CLIN PEDIATRICS 2013 (pdf)


Why Is It So Hard to Believe That Media Influence Children and Adolescents 2014 (pdf)


Violent Video Games CLIN PEDIATR 2014 (pdf)


Why Are Teachers and Schools So Clueless About the Media (pdf)


What Should MOC Ideally Look Like CLIN PEDIATR 2015 (pdf)


Health Effects of Media Strasburger, Jordan, and Donnerstein 2010 (pdf)


Sex, Sex, and More Sex STRASBURGER 2012 (pdf)


Should Babies Be Watching Screens (doc)


Sex Ed in the 21st Century 2.8.14 (pdf)


CLIN PEDIATR-2016-Loneliness of Academic (pdf)


how-many-more-columbines-what-can-pediatricians-do-about-school-and-media-violence (pdf)



I was born in Baltimore, exactly 100 years to the day after Edgar Alan Poe died in the same city.

Attended City College (the 3rd oldest public high school in the country), then Yale College and Harvard Medical School.

At Yale, I studied fiction-writing with Robert Penn Warren.

My 1st novel, Rounding Third & Heading Home (St. Martins Press)  was published when I was a senior in medical school.

Internship and Residency at Children's Hospital in Seattle and Boston Children's Hospital, as well as Paddington Green Children's Hospital in London.  Fellowship in Adolescent Medicine at Harvard Medical School.

First 6 years as Director of Adolescent Medicine at Yale-Bridgeport Hospital.  Then 28 years starting the Adolescent Medicine program at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine.

Married to a neuropsychiatrist. Two children, ages 25 and 28.



VCS CV May 2018 (doc)


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